National Infant Immunization Week Great Time To Review Your Family’s Immunizations

Great Time To Remind Employees & Families To Do Immunization Check Up


April 18–25 is National Infant Immunization Week. Publicity over measles, rotavirus, pertussis, polio, rubella, various flu strains and the much rarer Ebola and other viruses have helped remind Americans that immunizations play a critical role in protecting their families and others in their communities from potentially deadly or disabling diseases disease.

Decisions about what immunizations you and your family members should or should not get should be tailored to your individual health risk profile, in consultation with your physician taking into account the latest medical evidence and risk data.   While some immunizations make sense for the majority of individuals, other vaccinations may be unnecessary or inappropriate for others.  Decisions about what immunizations to get and when can depend on a wide range of factors unique to the individual health, lifestyle, community and situation of the individual, the contagious disease and other risk profiles of the communities in which they live…

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