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Cynthia Marcotte StamerCynthia Marcotte Stamer, Esq.

Cynthia Marcotte Stamer provides “on-demand” and longer-term tactical and operational counseling to businesses on performance management, human resources, vendor and other workforce, compensation and benefits, privacy and data security, Board governance and other legal and operational risk management and compliance arising out of their business operations and on how to design, administer and defend their management and compliance policies and practices.

A Fellow, American College of Employee Benefit Counsel, American Bar Foundation, Texas Bar Foundation; Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization; and recognized as a “Top” Lawyer in Labor & Employment Law, Employee Benefits Law and Health Care Law, management attorney, coach and author Cynthia Marcotte Stamer helps businesses, governments and their leaders manage their operational performance and risk by managing people, processes and systems, information, risk, and compliance.

Combining her deep and diverse legal and operational knowledge and experience with her strong, client-centric solutions orientation, Ms. Stamer helps businesses, governments, communities and their leaders domestically and abroad to develop, administer, manage, evolve, mitigate, and defend their human resource, vendor and other workforce credentialing, hiring, performance management and discipline, compensation, employee benefits,  privacy and data security, compliance, and risk management, and other key legal and operational management challenges as well as to anticipate, prevent, mitigate, rectify and defend their organizations and themselves against litigation, investigations, disasters, and other disruptions of all types and sizes. Experienced working with clients of all types and sizes, Ms. Stamer is best recognized for her extensive work with public and private health, employee benefit, insurance and financial services, information and other technology and other highly regulated clients. She also advises and represents businesses and governments about public policy and regulatory workforce, benefits, health care and other matters.

Ms. Stamer works with businesses and business leaders to manage employment and employee benefit exposures and compliance concerns arising out of daily operations as well as workforce reductions, job restructuring, outsourcing, corporate mergers, acquisitions, sales, bankruptcies, and other significant business and workforce changes.  She helps businesses to manage legal and operational risk and improve operations through the use of creative workforce and other management practices to implement and administer internal controls, to investigate compliance concerns, and to respond to associated government investigations, lawsuits and complaints.  She also assists businesses to plan for and to respond to workplace disasters, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies and other business and operational crises.  She has extensive experience helping employers design, document, implement, and defend individual and mass employment transition, termination and layoff selection procedures and decisions to reduce liability and promote objectives.

Along side her extensive legal and operational experience, Ms. Stamer also is recognized for her work as a public and regulatory policy advocate and community leader with a gift for finding pragmatic common ground and building consensus.  Best known for her public policy and community leadership on health care and insurance reform, Ms. Stamer lifelong public policy and community service includes extensive legislative and regulatory reform, advocacy and input  workforce, worker classification, employee benefit, public health and healthcare, social security and other disability and aging in place, education, migration reforms.

Listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals, Ms. Stamer is widely published author whose insights regularly are quoted in, and publications regularly appear in national, international and local professional, business, education and training and community media and publications.  A popular speaker on human resources and other management and public policy topics, Ms. Stamer also regularly trains and coaches businesses and government organizations and leaders on board governance and internal controls, employee benefits, compensation and employment and other management and public policy matters.

Ms. Stamer also lends her leadership to a wide range of professional, civic and other organizations and causes.  Best known for her lifelong and pragmatic leadership on health care, aging, disability and education, Ms. Stamer founded and continues to serve as the Executive Director of the Coalition for Responsible Health Care Policy and its PROJECT COPE: Coalition on Patient Empowerment.  Past Chair of both the American Bar Association (ABA) RPTE Employee Benefits & Other Compensation Arrangements Group and Health Law Section Managed Care & Insurance Group, Ms. Stamer presently serves as an ABA Joint Committee On Employee Benefits Council Representative, on the ABA RPTE Group & Substantive Committee,  the co-chair of the ABA RPTE Defined Contribution Plan Committee,  Vice Chair of the ABA Torts & Insurance Practice Section Employee Benefit Committee, Vice-Chair of the ABA International Life Sciences Committee, on the Editorial Advisory Board of InsuranceThoughtleadership, HR.com, and the editorial advisory boards and faculties of many other publications, symposia and other events.  She also previously served on the United Way of Dallas Long Range Planning Committee, EO Coordinator of the Gulf States TEGE Council, President of the Richardson Development Center for Children, Board Audit Committee Chair of the National Kidney Foundation of North Texas, President and Board Member of the Alliance for Healthcare Excellence and the creator of its Patient Empowerment and Healthcare Heroes Awards and Programs, the Texas Association of Business Dallas, Regional, and State Boards and BACPAC committees, the National, Regional and Dallas Chapter Boards of the Web Network of Benefit Professionals,  the first Chair and subsequent Co-Chair of the RPTE Welfare Benefits Committee, on the SHRM National Consultants Forum Board,  its Region IV Chair and the Legislative Chair of its affiliate, the Dallas Human Resources Management, the Continuing Education Chair and Treasurer of the Southwest Benefits Association, and in a host of other professional and civic organizations.

For information about arranging for training or presentations by Ms. Stamer, or wish to request other information or materials, please contact Ms. Stamer via telephone at (469) 767-8872 or via e-mail to Cstamer@Solutionslawyer.net.

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