New Rule Requires Federal Government Contractors To Post New “Employee Rights Under The National Labor” Poster

Federal government contractors and subcontractors generally must post a new federally-mandated ‘‘Employee Rights Under The National Labor” poster informing employees of federal unionization rights and protections under the National Labor Relations Act under a new rule U.S. Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards (DOL) today (May 20, 2010). 

The new regulation available here implements the Executive Order 13496 (‘‘Executive Order 13496’’) signed by January 30, 2009, which requires nonexempt Federal departments and agencies to include within their Government contracts specific provisions requiring contractors and subcontractors with whom they do business to post notices informing their employees of their rights as employees under Federal labor laws protecting union organizing rights. 

This final rule establishes the content of the notice required by the Executive Order’s contract clause, and implements other provisions of the Executive Order, including provisions regarding sanctions, penalties, and remedies that may be imposed if the contractor or subcontractor fails to comply with its obligations under the Order and the implementing regulations. Among other things the regulation: 

  • Defines terms;
  • Prescribes the size, form and content of the employee notice;  
  • Establishes exceptions to the requirements for exceptions for certain types of contracts and contracting departments and agencies; and
  • Standards and procedures related to complaint procedures, compliance evaluations, and enforcement of the rule; and
  • Other standards and procedures related to certain ancillary matters.

To fulfill the new requirements, covered government contractors must post a new Labor Department poster containing the required notice in accordance with the Rule.  Covered employers may obtain the required poster from either: 

  • The applicable Federal contracting agency;
  • The Division of Interpretations and Standards, Office of Labor-Management Standards, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., Room N–5609, Washington, DC 20210;
  • Any Labor Department Office of Labor-Management Standards or Office of Federal Contract Compliance
  • Programs;
  • By download from the Office of Labor-Management; or
  • Standards Web site Office of Labor-Management Standards Website.

If the contractor or subcontractor customarily posts notices to employees electronically, it also must electronically prominently on any Web site maintained by the contractor or subcontractor customarily used for notices to employees about terms and conditions of employment, a link to the Department of Labor’s Web site that contains the full text of the poster in the manner required by the regulation. 

Backed by the Obama Administration and the Democrat Majority in Congress, union organizing, public policy and other activities are creating significant new challenges for employers.  The new Rule reflects this support.  In the face of this expanding activities and proposed legislation and regulations that designed to further strengthen unions, employers need to clearly understand their obligations and rights and obligations under the NLRA and other federal labor laws and consider and carefully administer strategies to manage employment and operational risks that heightened union activities can create.  If you need additional information about the new Rule, help understanding or responding to union matters, or assistance with other employment, employee benefit or compensation matters a contact the author of this update, attorney and consultant Cynthia Marcotte Stamer, for assistance at (469) 767-8872 or here. 

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