Health Plans & Employers Can Expect Pressure To Pay For Childhood Obesity Counseling From New American Academy of Pediatrics Report

By Cynthia Marcotte Stamer

New American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations calling for early intervention and intensive behavioral therapy to treat childhood obesity promise to increase demands for employer sponsored and other health plans to reimburse the costs of these treatments.

With health care providers and government officials increasingly emphasizing the need for prevention and intervention, employers and health insurers face greater pressure to offer health benefit coverage for weight management and other obesity prevention and treatment. Aside from determining what treatments to coverage generally, recent changes in the Americans With Disabilities Act statute and its enforcement and interpretation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the recently effective employment and health plan nondiscrimination rules of the Genetic Information and Nondiscrimination Act, health information and other privacy rules and other legal changes make the appropriate design and administration of obesity and other wellness, disease management and other programs targeting obesity or other chronic conditions legally and operationally challenging.  Employers and insurers concerned with these issues should exercise care to properly understand and appropriately manage the legal and operational complexities, risks, costs and benefits when designing health and other programs to manage health care, disability and other costs of obesity and other chronic diseases.

Read the report and about discrimination and other issues that employers and insurers may need to manage under evolving federal rules when deciding how to design and manage obesity and other wellness and disease management programs here.

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Chair of the American Bar Association (ABA) RPTE Employee Benefits & Other Compensation Group, an ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits Council Member, Past Chair of the ABA Managed Care & Insurance Group and RPTE Welfare Benefits Committee and Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Ms. Stamer is experienced advising and assisting government leaders, employers, health and other employee benefit plans and their fiduciaries, insurers, financial advisory services, and administrators, health care providers, and others about obesity and other disease management and wellness programs, as well as other related employee benefit and employment matters.  A widely published author on these and other health and disability benefit and management concerns, Ms. Stamer has advised and represented employers, health plans and others on these and other matters for more than 20 years. Author of the Personal Health Care Toolkit, Ms. Stamer also has lead the development of wellness and disease management initiatives for the National Kidney Foundation of North Texas and other organizations. Ms. Stamer also speaks and writes extensively on these and other related matters. For additional information about Ms. Stamer and her experience, see here or to access other publications by Ms. Stamer see here or contact Ms. Stamer directly.   For additional information about the experience and services of Ms. Stamer and other members of the Curran Tomko Tarksi LLP team, see here.

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