Stamer, Others To Discuss Technology Use/Risks in Employee Benefits, Tax & HR Consulting & Administration

July 29, 2009

Cynthia Marcotte Stamer will speak about “Technology Issues for Tax Attorneys and their Clients” on September 26, 2009 at the American Bar Association 2009 Fall Joint Tax Meeting in Chicago. 

The September 26 program will feature a panel discussion of:

  • Research tools, anti-virus, encryption and other technology practice aids, tools and tricks tax practitioners;
  • IRS, DOL and other rules impacting opportunities for employers and employee benefit plan administrators to use electronic communications to reduce employment and employee benefit plan communication expenses;
  • Electronic communications with government agencies and the need to be prepared to provide electronic records for tax audits;
  • Expanding personal information privacy and data security considerations; and
  • More.

Moderated by Frank Palmieri of  Palmieri & Eisenberg, Alexandria, VA, the confirmed panelists include:

  • Catherine Sanders Reach of the American Bar Association, Chicago, IL;
  • Cynthia Marcotte Stamer of  Curran Tomko Tarksi LLP, Dallas, TX;
  • Joy M. Mercer of Joy M. Mercer, PC, Florham Park, NJ; and
  • Danny A. Martin, Jr. of Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX.

The session is scheduled to take place from 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2009.  To register for the meeting or other details, see here.

Chair Elect of the American Bar Association RPTE Employee Benefits & Compensation Committee, an ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits  Council member, and Chair of the Curran Tomko Tarski Labor, Employment & Employee Benefits Practice, Cynthia Marcotte Stamer is  nationally and internationally recognized for her work assisting businesses, employee benefit plan fiduciaries and vendors, governments, and other entities to develop administer and defend cost-effective employee benefit other human resources programs, policies and procedures to meet their budgetary, risk management and compliance and other objectives.  Board certified in Labor & Employment law, Ms. Stamer applies her extensive experience regarding employment, employee benefit, tax, privacy and data security and other related laws to assists clients in a wide range of business and litigation contexts.   The co-founder of the Solutions Law Consortium, Ms. Stamer also makes extensive use of cloud computing and other technology in her own practice and provides input to human resources and other clients others about the use of these and other technology tools to manage employee benefit, human resources, internal controls and other operations.  In connection with this work, Ms. Stamer has works, writes and consults extensively with a diverse range of clients about  the development, use technology and other processes to streamline health and other benefit, payroll and other human resources, employee benefits, tax, compliance and other business processes and the management and protection of sensitive personal and other information and data.

If your organization or employee benefit plan needs assistance managing or evaluating options or responsibilities associated with the use of technology and data in connection with its health care, employee benefits, tax or other operation or other human resources, employee benefits or and compliance concerns, please contact Ms. Stamer at, (214) 270-2402; or your favorite Curran Tomko Tarski, LLP attorney.  For additional information about the experience and services of Ms. Stamer and other members of the Curran Tomko Tarksi, LLP team, see here.

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