Senate Finance Bill Finishes Drafting & Releases For Review the America’s Healthy Future Act Bill Language

Americans finally have a chance to read the actual statutory language of the painfully negotiated package of proposed health care reforms that the Senate Finance Committee proposes for adoption.  The Senate Finance Committee leadership finally finished drafting has posted the 1506 page long text of the proposed statutory language of the health care reform provisions of the “America’s Healthy Future Act” on its website here.

When the Senate Finance Committee vote passing the America’s Health Future Act, members of the Senate Finance Committee had not yet had the opportunity to review the actual statutory language to be proposed to implement the package of heatlh care reforms painfully hashed out in their committee.  As the actual statutory language had not been completed at the time a majority of the Democrats and one Republican Senator serving on the Senate Finance Committee voted to send the legislation to the the full Senate, the vote actually was taken based on a narative description of the intended reforms set forth in a revised draft of the “Chairman’s Mark” of the legislation.  Since that time Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus and other key Democrat Senators on the Senate Finance Committee have worked behind closed doors to prepare the actual statutory language to be presented to the full Senate.

As proposed, the America’s Healthy Future Act would require sweeping changes to the U.S. health care systems that would radically impact the roles and responsibilities of every patient, health care provider, health care payor, employer and other American.  Because of the potential implications on the way health care is financed, delivered and administered and the projections that the legislation will cost approximately $1 Trillion, all parties are urged to carefully review the complex and lengthy legislation to gain an understanding of the legislation and to act quickly to make any concerns known to elected leaders in Congress. 

If you need help evaluating or responding to this health care reform legislation or with other employee benefit, compensation, employee benefit or insurance matters, please contact the author of this update, Cynthia Marcotte Stamer.  Current Chair of the American Bar Association (ABA) RPTE Section Employee Benefits & Other Compensation Group and the former Chair of the ABA Health Law Section Managed Care & Insurance Group, Ms. Stamer has more than 20 years experience advising employers, private and public health plans and their sponsors, insurers and administrators and others about health care policy, regulatory compliance, risk management and operational issues,

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